Fantasy Colonialism

Session 0

Lady Ised of Summerport hired four noteworthy adventurers and, by way of payment, sponsored their passage over the ocean to the New World. In the port city of Nevara City, these adventurers caught their boat, the Flying Pussyfoot, and began their adventure. Through their adventures they met (and fucked) their fellow passengers and crewmates. Most notable among them was Lord Hawke Graen, Cider (the Kenku), and the artist Lysander King.

Session 1-1
A Tale of Two Hunters

The Flying Pussyfoot nears its final destination, Summerpool. HelcaraxĂ« takes one last swing around the ship, smushin’ with a tiefling lineswoman and a male goliath passenger. Meanwhile, Slip (Peter’s Character for Now) decides that boats are for squares and Thaeo reads a book or something. Taudene successfully draws Cider the Kenku’s attention with his pamphlets. Slip takes the opportunity to purchase a bottle opener/keychain from Shaq’s Shack (Thaeo joins Slip ASAP to pester Shaq about the ethics surrounding his tchotchke.)

Upon landing the players are met by Julian Quicklight, who leads them to the home of Lady Ised, their mutual employer. After (briefly) meeting Ised’s daughter, Nah, the meet the woman herself. She goes on to explain that she hired the party to escort herself and her daughter to the city of Wypool, with a stop at the Sunspear Mountains so that she may attempt to stake a claim on the prime mining location. She explains the concept of the mail system (something she’s also trying to help establish) and the rangers upon which it hinges.

She introduces the players to Bruno, who will serve as their guide in the wilderness. HelcaraxĂ« insists upon hiring a second ranger in case something happens to the first one. Ised agrees, provided the players find a suitable ranger themselves (as she’s a very busy dragonwoman.)

Julian directs the players to the common haunts of the rangers: the stables, The Hunter’s Mug, and The Hunter and Chalice. The stables turn up nothing but a drunk man and Thaeo’s new desire to own a moose (gotta talk to Jaryl for that, though.) At the Hunter’s Mug, they learn that Rowan is the next best ranger and is most often found with June at The Hunter and Chalice.

The Hunter and Chalice yields both Rowan and Jaryl, who sells Slip (and subsequently Thaeo) a moose. The players return to The Hunter’s Mug, where Ised arranged rooms for them, and (mostly) sleep. Thaeo decides to cuddle with Bruno despite the fact that there are three beds, while HelcaraxĂ« decides to go get some tail (they find two whole sex.)

Julian wakes the players in the morning and advises them to prepare to leave by that afternoon.

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